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Hand Hygiene

Another super science lesson in year 2. We did a short investigation about hand hygiene. First we looked at each others hands to see if we could actually see any germs. We found out that we couldn't, they are  invisible unless you look under a microscope. Ms Fox used glitter as pretend germs and covered her hands. As the children were working she went round the class giving feedback and talking to children but also spreading her (pretend) germs. We could see how fast and easily germs can spread. We then thought about the best way to wash our hands. Group A used paper towels to remove the germs. Group B just used water.  Group C used soap and water. The children went off in groups to conduct the investigation using glitter as germs. We compared our findings and found out that using soups and water was the best way to wash our hands to get rid of germs.



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