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Breakfast Club

At West Park Primary School we provide a FREE breakfast provision! A delicious, healthy breakfast is available every day before school offering every pupil eligible from reception to year 6 great fuel for learning. Breakfast club is offered to those children whose parents are working or those that need it. Please speak to the school office. 


A range of yummy food is delivered by charity Magic Breakfast to our school every week, and we offer a choice of four popular cereals, toasted bagels, plus 100% pure squeezed fruit juice (which is diluted to support better dental health).


And that’s not all! As well as the super food, children will be able to chat with friends and make new ones. Children will also be able to complete homework, read and take part in a range of activities!


Doors open at 8am to children whose parents are working. Children can arrive any time after this, but please note we will stop letting children into the hall at 8.20am so that children can be ready to start school on time, and so we can clear up the hall. Of course, children arriving in school later who have not had breakfast will be offered food.

Please read the Free Magic Breakfast Club Letter for more information.

Please read the Food and Drink Ingredients and Allergens List.

For more information about Magic Breakfast please visit the website.

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