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Our School Aims

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Respect - Aspiration - Resilience - Integrity

At West Park we welcome all children and their families to our school, where we aim to foster a love of learning.


Our Aims:


  • To create a calm, positive and welcoming environment where pupils feel happy and secure and the whole community feels valued and included


  • To enable each child to achieve their potential through a creative and exciting curriculum that motivates and stimulates pupils to become independent and enthusiastic life-long learners.


  • To respect everyone in society as equals.


  • To work with parents as equal, trusted and valued partners to improve outcomes for children.

Our Values:
Respect - Aspiration - Resilience – Integrity

•    Choose kind
•    Respect yourself
•    Treat others how you expect to be treated
•    Choose the right sized voice; be kind, be fair, be honest
•    Look after each other
•    Look after our things
•    Look after our school

•    Aim high
•    Believe in yourself
•    Have ambition
•    Be enthusiastic
•    Be positive about learning
•    Be ready
•    Be motivated

•    Have a go
•    Take a risk
•    Try again
•    Learn from your mistakes
•    Take on challenges
•    Reflect
•    Have another go!

•    Stand up for what you believe in 
•    Be sincere and mean what you say
•    Be honest to yourself and others
•    Do the right thing

School Expectations 

All pupils are expected to choose kind words, kind actions and be:
•    Respectful
•    Responsible
•    Resilient
•    Safe

Our Staff Values:

  • Treat all as you want to be treated in voice, action and manner

  • Show respect for and value all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas and promote non-judgmental attitudes

  • Show kindness and consideration

  • Listen to others for understanding 

  • Value each other’s commitments

Teamwork (all stakeholders)

  • Communicate, co-operate and collaborate

  • Share ideas, knowledge and experience

  • Support others

  • Be approachable 

  • Be flexible and adaptable

  • ‘Can do’ attitude – striving for continuous improvement

  • Responsibility culture not blame culture


  • Understand our responsibility to the school community

  • Choose words and actions that are sincere

  • Be professional and committed to the school

  • Do what is right and speak up as necessary

  • Be honest


  • Learn from mistakes and successes in equal measure

  • Keep calm and carry on!

  • Remember the school vision – for all children to be the best they can be


  • Smile and encourage others 

  • Be helpful

  • Be welcoming and build relationships 

  • Choose the right attitude everyday

  • Believe in yourself and others

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