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At West Park we promote healthy eating. Our rainbow of healthy foods display in the dinner hall reminds children to eat a range of colours "Colour Fuel". Children are rewarded with stickers at lunch time if they choose and eat healthy options. Children with a healthy packed lunch are also rewarded.


Tooth Brushing in 3SA


This half term, we have focused on the importance of brushing our teeth as a whole school. In our PSHE lessons, we have created instructions and tutorial videos to support others with how to brush their teeth. Take a look at one of our videos.

Dental Hygiene


This week in science the children have been roleplaying how to brush their teeth in preparation for writing instructions.

We have completed our instructions and written them up, we now need to make our class video.

Thank you to Oskar for creating his poster at home about how to brush your teeth.

Terrific Teeth!


Check out Year 5's video about keeping teeth clean.

Dental Hygiene


As part of the well-being curriculum at West Park, pupils are finding out about how to look after their teeth. We want 100% of children to be brushing their their twice a day! Find out how to help your child by looking at the assembly slides.

Brilliant Breakfast


  • Breakfast:
    helps our bodies to wake up in the morning;

  • provides us with energy;

  • stops us feeling hungry before lunch, to prevent us from unhealthy snacking;

  • helps us to concentrate at school or work;

  • stops us feeling tired and moody;

  • can help us maintain a healthy weight.

But... be careful of the amount of sugar in your breakfast cereal.  We found some cereals contain too much sugar and should only be eaten as a treat!  Take a look at our findings.

Road Safety


Year 1 had an exciting visitor today! A member of the lollypop team came to see us to talk to us about road safety. They showed us all of the special clothes that they had to wear, along with how to use the lolly pop stick. We got to dress up in some of the clothes and have a go at being a lollypop person, stopping all of the cars and letting people cross the road. We had great fun. 



In year 2 we have been learning how to stay safe online. We listened to a short story about Smartie the Penguin and then thought about rules that our class would sign to say we will follow. Some of the children made posters to put in our classroom for other children and parents to see. If you want more information and resources linked to our learning in class click here.

Anti - Bullying Week


This week we have been taking part in Anti-bullying Week in school. This year the theme for anti-bullying week is Choose Respect and to support this the children were asked to wear odd socks. To listen to the Odd Socks Song please click here.

By taking part in Anti-bullying week we aim to:

  • raise the awareness of what bullying is e.g. STOP- Several Times On Purpose

  • identify the different forms of bullying- verbal, physical, emotional and cyber online

  • understand that bullying is a behaviour choice

  • to inform children about what to do if they being bullied

  • to provide ideas about who to report bullying to

  • understand what respect is and how we show it

  • encourage all children to work together to tackle bullying by Choosing Kind

On Wednesday the school council delivered an informative and engaging assembly. We watched a short video clip about a young girl who was being bullied by her friend explains how eventually she found the courage to confide in a teacher and how the situation was dealt with. Since then the bully has seen the error of her ways and as a result is now a friendly, pleasant and polite person who everybody likes. To watch the clip please click here.

Take a look at some of the things that have been going on in school.

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