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Welcome to Year 6


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School Closure Work
SATS Revision

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Class News

The Wonka Bar Challenge!


Check out Martyna's (Year 6) reading journal activity for this week! Create your own Wonka Bar! How Creative!!! What would you put on yours? 😁

Fantastic Home Learning


Check out all of the learning Richie has been doing whilst being at home! What fantastic presentation too!

Volcano Eruption!


Martyna (Year 6) has done it again! Vocano eruption using paper and a hair dryer! WOW!


Martyna's geography project is absolutely phenomenal and so creative!!! I am so proud of you! It sounds like you were having a lot of fun too!


Keep up the incredible work!!!! 😁👊

Richie's Science Project




Check out a snippet of Richie's (year 6) science project for our 'Animals including Humans' topic! Richie even carried out his own experiment which investigated the effect of exercise on his heart rate! I am blown away!!!

Bored during lockdown?


Check out Martyna's (Year 6) guide below for keeping busy! 


1) Photography - Make memories 👨‍👩‍👧

2) Homework - practice and embed skills ✏️

3) Read a book and relax - visit far away lands without leaving your home 📘

4) Exercise! Keep active and healthy! 🤸‍♀️

Tuesday Update - Year 6 photo challenge


Please continue to send us photos of all of the fabulous things you are doing!

Thursday UPDATE - We have BugClub!


Your child now has access to BugClub. They should try and read at least one book a day, depending on the length of it :) Please read the guidance from Mrs Andrews. If you cannot log on to BugClub, ask a family member to email me at

Wednesday Update - Art Challenge


I am so impressed with how great some of you are getting on with your home learning! Martyna is currently running a year 6 art challenge! Mary, David and Martyna have already drawn theirs and emailed them over!!! Please have a go and showcase your incredible art skills!!!

Monday Update - TT-Rocktars Battle!


A massive congratulations to the boys for their very first victory! I'm so proud of every single one of you that logged on to support your team! Check out the incredible scores below! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one! Ahhh i'm excited already!

Tuesday Update - Martyna's Fantastic Reading Journal


Check out Martyna's fantastic reading journal on Harry Potter. I am so proud that Martyna is just as dedicated to her learning at home as she is in school. Thank you for emailing me this great piece of work! Year 6, once you have completed your reading journal, please send it to me via email :)

Mutual Respect


In RE, year 6 thought about the importance of mutual respect. Check out these positive rules for a more harmonious community!

Geography Work


Great geography work from year 6 this afternoon comparing The Himalayas and the Cambrian Mountains. 😃👊🤩

Geography - Mountains


Year 6 have been learning all about Mountains. Identifying, comparing and contrasting the most famous mountains, explaining how they are formed and discovering who was first to conquer Mount Everest.

Did you know that fossils of sea animals have been found on the summit of Everest!

Ask a Year 6 pupil to explain why?



Year 6 absolutely LOVE using mentimeter to share their ideas during writing sessions!

What an incredibly heart felt letter written by Richie!


Year 6 were tasked to write a letter of persuasion from a son to his father. Check out a snippet of Richie's work, which I'm sure you can all agree that he rose to the challenge and absolutely smashed it out of the park with this one! Well done!

Team True's Christmas Extravaganza


This half term year 6's DT project was STRUCTURES! Over the past two days, children have worked tirelessly to create a marbulous marble run! They displayed incredible resilience, determination and creativity! Check out 'Team True's' Christmas extravaganza!

Living things and their Habitats


It is so fantastic to see so many children in year 6 taking their learning home! How fabulous are these habitats created by Katrina and Martyna to support their learning of our science topic 'Living things and their Habitats!'.

​David Baddiel Book Launch


Today a group of children from year 5 and 6 attended a book launch at the Grand Theatre.  Wolverhampton Grammar School kindly organised the event and invited twenty other schools from the local area.  Each child received a brand new hardback copy of David's new book, The Taylor Turbochaser.  They also got the opportunity to ask questions and hear David read from not only The Talyor Turbochaser but also The Parent Agency.  A fantastic morning!

Perspective Art


In art this half term, children have been learning all about perspective art. Check out just some of the incredible pieces produced by year 6!

Phenomenal Reading Journals by Richie


Check out these incredible journals written and illustrated by Richie! Well done for always going that extra mile!