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Art Gallery Trip


On Friday year 1 visited Wolverhampton Art Gallery. We were met by an artist called Kate who showed us some African monkey clay sculptures. She talked us through how to create our own African monkey clay sculptures and we have each made one to bring home. Take a peek at some of our work.

Kingswood Trip


Despite the cold, year 1 have had an enjoyable trip to Kingswood. We went on a walk to compare urban and rural environments, hunted for leaves and identified what they were, completed a peg orienteering trail in groups, and met and stroked the Guinea pig, rabbit and tortoise. Have a look at some of our pictures. 

Shape Week


This week we have been exploring 2D shapes and patterns. Have a look at some of the patterns we have created, and how we have sorted 2D shapes. We also completed a shape hunt looking for our shapes within our classroom. 

African Drumming Workshops


We have enjoyed a fantastic African drumming workshop today. We have all taken part in playing our drums pretending to be different African animals, learning some African words and playing different parts to each other. 

What is Geography?


We have been thinking about what Geography is and what is means. We looked at lots of different photos and wrote down the similarities between the different photos. We came back and shared our ideas together. Then we wrote down what we thought Geography was about. Then we looked at a second set of pictures and talked about the similarities in these photos. We worked out that all of the pictures were either of people or places. We then returned to the list we made earlier and identified whether they were people or places. We then defined Geography as the study of people and places. 

Five and a bit


This week we have been exploring the five and a bit structure in Maths. We have used tens frames and the part part whole model to represent that the numbers 6-10 are 5 and __ more. We have used lots of different representations to explore the five and a bit model over the course of the week. 

Digital Programmers (11th & 18th November)


We have had the Learning Technologies Team visit us on the 11th and 18th November, with a final session next week. We have been learning about the word 'algorithm'. Algorithms are instructions we give to programmes. We have been exploring creating algorithms and how to fix an algorithm when it goes wrong 'is bugged'. We have sequenced instructions and followed them, used the APP code-a-pillar to create and debug an algorithm, used beebots to create a programme and draw art. Thank you Miss Kimbell!

DT Scarecrows


Year 1 have designed and made their own scarecrows to protect the school garden. We have been creative chameleons thinking about how we could decorate them. Have a look at some of our finished scarecrows.

Ordinal Numbers


Year 1 have been doing lots of practical activities with ordinal numbers. We have ordered ourselves using ordinal flashcards, small world people and solved problems using height. 

Verbs and Nouns


We have been learning about the word classifications nouns (names of things, people, places and feelings) and verbs (actions). We sorted words into the correct categories. 

Visit to Lower Drayton Farm


On 3rd October we went to the farm. When we got there we met Farmer Ray and we were split into 2 groups. We did a lot of exciting things during the day. We went on a very bumpy trailer pulled by the tractor and went to see the field of maize and the hay bales. We saw fields of animals and watched the emus being fed. We went and picked our own pumpkins and dug up some potatoes. Working as a group we made a scarecrow to go into the fields and scare away the birds, and then got lost in the maize maze. We were very tired after our busy day and some of us fell asleep on the coach on the way back to school. 

Exploring Equals


In Maths we have learnt that equals means the same as. We used balancing scales to try and find 2 numbers that equals a given number. We tried to find more than one combination of numbers to equal our given number. We did this over two days using numicon and multilink cubes.

Exploring our Senses


In Science we have explored using our individual senses. We explored what stops us from hearing things and went outside to explore how distance can affect our hearing. We also put our hands over our ears and covered our ears with our coat hoods. 

We explored our taste by completing a blind food taste - we tried to work out what we were eating and describe what things tasted like. We did a similar experiment for smell and tried to identify what we could smell. Finally we used sensory boxes and described what we could feel in the box. 

Digital Artist


We have drawn and created our own scarecrows using seesaw as part of our digital artist work in computing. Here are a couple for you to see. 

Finding One More


This week we have explored finding one more. We have used lots of different maths resources to represent one more than a given number. 

Repetitive Poetry


Year 1 have had a busy first two weeks in our English lessons! We have been looking at different poems linked to the farm and to scarecrows. We have read poems, acted them out, made up our own group poems to act out and written our own individual poems. Have a look at a snap shot of the last two weeks. 

Verbs and Non Verbs


We have learnt what a verb is today. We sorted words into verbs and not verbs. How many verbs can you think of?

Learning Maths


We have spent a couple of days exploring how we could represent numbers in different ways. We worked collaboratively together to use different mathematical resources to represent numbers. Then we explored representing a two digit number, then we worked individually to represent the numbers in different ways.  

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