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World Book Day


On world book day, children dressed as their favourite book characters. The most popular were characters by the author J.K Rowling; Harry potter and Hermione Granger. They all looked fantastic! 

4RD Science Week


During science week, 4RD did a science investigation on finding out who kidnapped Taino boy. Children were very curious and worked collaboratively. With their scientific skills, they Identified that it was Christopher Columbus who kidnapped him. They even looked at their own fingerprints and noticed they all have different finger prints. 

4RD Maths lesson on 3D Skeletal Models


During Spring term, children made 3D skeletal models. This lesson allowed children to identify the properties of 3D shapes. Children really enjoyed it. They were very curious, collaborative and creative. 


Well done year 4!

Year 4 Science Week


This week year 4 have been thinking about different aspects of science as part of National Science Week. On Tuesday we completed our investigations into the effects of different liquids on teeth and then during the afternoon we completed a whole range of activities. We started to build a volcano which links to our work in Topic and started to look at Non-Newtonian fluids as a sneak peek at our upcoming science topic on states of matter.

4FP Reading Workshop


A fantastic workshop with children and parents in Y4 today looking at how we teach and assess reading in Y4. All the children tried really hard and worked well with their families to practice their retrieval and inference reading skills. Thank you to all the parents who attended and took part in our cross curricular reading activity.

Writing in 4FP


Year 4 have been working really hard to write their own setting descriptions and endings to our class text - The Ice Palace. We are really pleased with what they have produced. Well done Y4! 🙂

Ice Palace Art Work in Y4


4FP have been experimenting with soft pastels to create scenes from our class text - The Ice Place by Robert Swindells.

They really enjoyed the session and worked hard to create the icy-cold, suspenseful atmosphere of the story. Take a look...

Geograhpy - Earthquakes


Year 4 are currently learning all about Earthquakes around the world. They have been using lots of new ambitious vocabulary, learning what causes earthquakes and identifying areas that are more likely to experience earthquakes and why.

Surprisingly, the largest earthquakes don't always cause the most death and destruction! Ask a Year 4 pupil why?

Digestive System Animation (4FP)


During the first two weeks back after our holiday, Class 4FP have been using their knowledge of the Digestive System to create an animation. The aim was to create a visual look at the human digestive system to pass on our knowledge to other learners.

Mythical Creatures in Y4


Y4 have really enjoyed designing and writing about their own mythical creatures in English this term. We also used the app Bazaart to create our own creatures using our computing skills  take a look!

Lion reports in 4FP


Y4FP have worked really hard to research, plan and write their own reports about lions. They were fabulous! Well done y4 :)

Year 4 Reading - The Butterfly Lion


Year 4 are really enjoying reading The Butterfly Lion in their English lessons this half term. They are using their inference and retrieval skills to explore this wonderful story by Michael Morpurgo. They are also going to be researching, writing and performing their own nature documentaries on lions.

Exciting Maths Mapping


4FP had a super morning developing their maths, geography and computing skills today. We used trundles to measure the perimeter of our school to explore the question Is the perimeter of our school more or less than 1km?  We measured every 100m and took a photo to plot our route. We plotted maps in our maths books and then we used the app Bazaart to create a digital map of the perimeter. Well done y4 :)

Robotics in 4RD


We had a fantastic day today developing our computing skills. We made robots out of Lego which was controlled by an app. Super fun! Pictures coming soon.

Visual Literacy in Year 4


Year 4 have been using visual literacy this week to help improve their writing. We have used the short film "A Slippery Tale" to help to use Inverted commas "" , adverbs of manner and synonyms of said to improve our descriptive writing.

Year 4 have made a great start to the new school year- Well done year 4! :)

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