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Welcome to Reception.


For more information about what we will be learning about please view the downloads below.

Class News

Roz the Lollipop Lady


We have had a special visitor this week. Roz the Lollipop Lady has taught us about road safety and how to cross the road safely.

Ask your child to teach you the song. 

Stop,look listen before you cross the street,

Stop,look listen before you cross the street.

Use you eyes and your ears before you use your feet,

Stop,look listen before you cross the street

Reception Enjoy Challenges


We enjoy doing new things and enjoy challenges. 

We spent time exploring and  climbing on the new climbing frame.

Little Pumpkins


What a fab start to our last week of half term;

balancing scales, talking about spiders, webs, ordering pumpkins, dressing up at lunchtime, and making webs. 

Well done to all our 'Little Pumpkins'

Pumpkin Faces


This week we are exploring Pumpkins.


We will make pumpkin faces.

Look at these pumpkin faces 


How do you feel ? 


happy     sad       tired        excited   worried  

Autumn Song


Can you sing our Autumn Song?

Leaves are falling,

Leaves are falling,

all around,

all around,

Orange, red and yellow,

Orange, red and yellow,

all around,

all around  


We have had a very creative week in reception.

We have made patterns with the things we collected from the park, decorated sticks, finger painting, mixing colours,  singing  songs about autumn, pretended to be leaves falling from the ground and some fantastic writing and maths work. Phew! No wonder we are all tired. Well done children. 

Watch this space for our writing on display and our stick decorations.  

Autumn Walk


We have had a lovely time on our Autumn walk at the park.

What did you see?

Lava and Khuzaymah: Three Little Pigs


This week we are so proud of Lava and Khuzaymah.

Lava has written some super sentences about the Three Little Pigs and their houses.

Khuzaymah was a super story teller when we were using our puppets to re tell our story.

Well done everyone you have worked hard helping each other making houses, acting out, writing and re telling the story of the Three Little Pigs.

The Three Little Pigs


You can watch our story this week on YouTube please click on the link

Talk about what happened in the story with your child.

Supertato Week


We have had a SUPER Supertato week in reception. We have made superhero masks and our own Supertatoes. 


Next week we are building houses. I wonder what story we are going to read.



This week we are reading Supertato 


Please make sure you help your child with their homework as we are looking at different food.



Disco Dough


We have making out muscles strong in out hands. We went to the doh disco!

What did you make ?

Well done!


This week we are proud of Aarika and Mohammed.

Well done for doing your best and never giving up!

Funny Bones


Next week we are reading  the story Funny Bones. 

What do you at night time ? 

(Image taken from Google)

What a Super Week


This week we are proud of all the children in Reception Class. We have had a super week and the children are trying so hard to follow the rules and learn lots of new things.

Next week we are going to be using our Super Powers. 

Welcome Back Everyone!


We have had a good first week settling in and learning the rules. Please help your children to follow the rules at home too! 

The week ahead we are going to be reading The Rainbow Fish story and sharing lots of different things in class. 

Please click here to read our Rainbow Rules.

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