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Team Work

During P.E lessons this half term, Year 2 have been developing their team work skills. We've had lots of fun giving clear instructions to our partners to guide them safely through an obstacle course.......blind folded!!!!

Animal Encounters

Spike the animal man came in to see us with his special friends. We got to see and stroke lots of different animals  like a salamander, a snake, a tenrec, a bearded dragon, a tarantula and a super cute owl. We were given lots of information about the animals including where they were from, what they eat and any special skills they have. The year 2 children all listened well and enjoyed the animal experiences. 

Road Safety

Last week we had a road safety talk and it was very informative and lots of fun. The children got to pretend crossing the road safely and even got to dress up in different uniforms. We will remember to find a safe place with an adult, hold hands then STOP, LOOK and LISTEN.

Geography - Where does our food come from?

In Year 2 we have been learning about where some of our food comes from and why.

We began by identifying dairy farms in Devon and looking into why this location is ideal for dairy farms. How our milk and cheese is produced and delivered to our supermarkets.

We then looked into the growing, harvesting and importing of bananas. Where do they come from and why? Finally we learnt all about sugar, identifying and describing how sugar beet is grown, refined and delivered to our shops. We also looked into how much sugar we should be eating daily and how to stay healthy by not eating too much.

Please ask the Year 2 children about these foods!

Spring 1 - History

In History we have been learning about Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his journey to the South Pole. We have created time-lines of his journey, acted out his final days through drama and wrote diaries. Look out for our assembly to showcase our learning very soon.

Spring 1 - Julia Donaldson

In year 2 we enjoy reading for pleasure. We have been focussing on the author Julia Donaldson. The children have enjoyed reading and comparing her stories. We have read

Room on a Broom


The Smartest Giant in Town

Can you find anymore books by Julia Donaldson to read at home?

Autumn 2 D&T

In D&T we have been looking at and researching different vehicles. The children designed and made their own vehicles. There were lots of different types; buses, ambulances, taxis, carriages, limo's. Take a look, we are very proud of them.

Autumn 2- The Blubber Glove Experiment

We had so much fun in science. The children were extending their learning about animals that live in cold habitats and investigating how they keep warm. They used their previous knowledge to make sensible predictions and then make observations when conducting their experiment. The children found out that that polar bear keep warm by storing blubber which is fat that insulates them and keeps them warm. This investigation is great BUT a little messy!

Autumn 2 - Science

In science we have spent two lessons exploring and making Polar habitats. We thought about the place, the weather and the different animals we would see there. For homework, the children were set the task of making the own habitats. Take a look at their super work!

Year 2 Visit to Kingswood

On Thursday Year 2 had a wonderful day at Kingswood. We explored animal habitats, took part in orienteering, climbed trees and even meet Funk the rabbit and Betty the tortoise!

Autumn 2

This half term we are reading the text The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsberg. The children are really enjoying the story so far and will be writing diaries and setting descriptions based on the text and their visit on Santa's express train planned in December. I am sure the children will be getting into the Christmas spirit. Please use the link to listen to the story and remember to always believe!

Autumn 1 - ICT

We were very lucky this half term to have two fabulous teachers in to teach our Programming unit in ICT. It was linked to our science topic Habitats. We were collaborative caterpillars working hard in pairs to complete our tasks. We were able to add images and photo's to our work. We really had  lots of fun working and learning together.

Autumn 1 - Science

This half term in science we have been learning about habitats. We have been using the iPads to research different habitat, making mini Polar habitats and thinking about a new suitable habitat for Scaredy Squirrel.  We went outside to look at animals and creatures that live in micro-habitats in our school grounds. We found a large looking insect under a log and when we returned to class we googled to find out what it was. We think it was a hornet! Take a look at the pictures.

Autumn 1 - Diwali

This half term Years 1 and 2 work hard together to plan and perform the Diwali assembly. The children worked hard learning their line and put on a good show. We had a really good turn out of parental support. Thank you.

Scaredy Squirrel

This half term in English we are reading the text Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt.

Listen to the story together with your child. Identify ambitious vocabulary, talk about the main character and his actions and identify nouns, verbs and adjectives within the text and illustrations.

There are other stories to read about Scaredy Squirrel.

How many more can you find?

Which is your favourite?

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