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Welcome to Year 5


For more information about what we will be learning about please view the downloads below.

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West Park

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World Project

Class News



Y5's display about online identify. Good work!

Paint box art


Take a look at Bianca's wonderful piece of art work.  She used the paint box presented to her in assembly to complete.  Her work is also displayed on the gallery board in the corridor!  Are you inspired?



We reviewed our knowledge about e-safety using a fun Kahoot! quiz. We discussed online identities and presented our ideas of who we are online. We hope to display our work in this space!

Mixing Materials


We made predictions and observations about mixing a variety of materials.   We discovered that some materials are soluble and others insoluble.  Can you remember what the words mean?  Can you explain?

Digital researchers and presenters...


Check out Maciej and Harley's informative presentation about Snowdonia - a National Park in Wales.  They worked collaboratively to produce an excellent PowerPoint which we have converted to a PDF file.  Enjoy!

The National Parks H & M.

Reading Workshop


Thank you to all parents who were able to join their children today in Y5's reading workshop.  We looked at ARE (Age Related Expectations) in reading, reading domains and reading for pleasure.



Our new science topic is Properties and changes of materials. We sorted and classified materials according to their properties. We then revised our Y4 knowledge and created branching databases to display our knowledge. 



We used 2simple's database to sort data. We then researched more information about each planet as Earth and Space is our science topic. Finally, we created our own databases.

Why are National Parks described as Britain's breathing spaces?


We looked at maps and videos of National Parks. We then tried to match clues with images of National Parks. We described the landscapes of National Parks.

Apollo 11 Science Project


"One step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Amazing work from Taran (Y5), based on our learning in science!

Food technology @ Aldersley High School


Y5 visited Aldersley High School today and made Christmas puddings made from chocolate, rice crispies & golden syrup! Yum yum! It's beginning to taste like Christmas!

Square & Cube Numbers


What is a square number? Why is it called a square number? What is a cube number? What is the same? What is different? Just some of the questions we have been investigating in maths this week.

Challenge (Can you answer and prove you are correct?): Is a prime number the same as a square number? Is a composite number the same as a prime number?

Design and Technology @ Aldersley High School


Y5 visited Aldersley for an afternoon of design, making, adjusting and improving paper aeroplanes.  Henry and Alexa had the best design which performed well in 3 out of 4 tests!  Fantastic work!

Plus, the other half of the class mixed design and art to make a snowman decoration. Super!

Playdoh Planets


We created the planets out of playdoh to understands their size, shape and position in our Solar System. We couldn't believe how small Earth was in comparison to Jupiter and the sun (which is ginormous)! 

Food Faces


We looked at Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s The Four Seasons as inspiration. We created our own Food Faces using collage.

Awful Auntie Play Script


Y5 worked brilliantly today to perform a play script based on Awful Auntie. 

Maths workshop


Thanks to all parents who managed to attend Y5's workshop. We talked about mastering the maths curriculum, the importance of number facts and times tables and how we can apply that knowledge to other areas of learning. 

Place value and number knowledge was a focus and all parents took home examples of Y5 work, targets and a place value grid.  

David Baddiel Book Launch


Today a group of children from year 5 and 6 attended a book launch at the Grand Theatre.  Wolverhampton Grammar School kindly organised the event and invited twenty other schools from the local area.  Each child received a brand new hardback copy of David's new book, The Taylor Turbochaser.  They also got the opportunity to ask questions and hear David read from not only The Talyor Turbochaser but also The Parent Agency.  A fantastic morning!

Pursuit of Perfection


We looked at Leonardo da Vinci's Vitruvian man to use maths skills to measure, check and calculate differences.  We also looked at shapes in abstract art. 



We used paper water lilies to reveal our hopes and wishes. 


This is similar to  prayer,reflection and meditation.

Reading Journals


Need some inspiration?  Want to see what a good one looks like (WAGOLL)?  Have a look...which reading domain will you choose? Look at the front of your reading journal for more detail.


2a – give/explain the meaning of

2b – retrieve and record info/key ideas

2c – summarise key ideas from one paragraph

2d – make inferences/explain and justify

2e – predict what might happen from what is stated and implied

2f – identify/explain narrative content is related and contributes to meaning as a whole.

2g – identify/explain how meaning is enhanced through choice of words and phrases

2h – make comparisons within the text

Air resistance


We made parachutes out of plastic bags to investigate air resistance.  We worked together to plan, make, observe and carry out our investigations.  Take a look!

Can you feel the force?


We investigated air resistance and friction (using jelly and oil).  Can you explain what we did?  Could you try this at home?

Victorian Games and Toys


We played with a plethora of Victorian games and toys, including: cup and ball, tiddlywinks, skipping ropes and a flicker book to name a few!  We were surprised to discover how much fun we could have without an ipad or computer!  Click on the image to view the full image.

Prayer cards


Year 5 designed beautiful prayer cards today - thoughtful work, well done :-)

Life Education Visit


We learnt about making the right choices today with the Life Education Service.  We also found out about the dangers of smoking (including a terrifying 4000 chemicals in cigarettes!). We also learnt about being assertive. Take a look!



Y5 predicted, planned and investigated...mission almost complete!



We are learning how to measure and calculate the perimeter of rectilinear shapes.  It is one of our maths targets!  Click on the website link to view or ask to see a paper copy - everyone has a copy to keep.

Black Country Living Museum


We travelled back in time to learn about Victorian times.  We visited the mine, a school room (with a very strict teacher), chain makers and several shops. There was so much to do and see!

Balanced and Unbalanced Forces


Balanced or unbalanced?

We investigated balanced and unbalanced forces. Look at the pictures - can you remember which is which?

Fabulous Food Faces


Eat your heart out!  We were inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo to create fantastic food faces!

Measuring forces


We used a newton meter (force meter) in both air and water. There was a difference when measuring forces in air and water, can you remember what it was?

Roald Dahl


Check out our Roald Dahl display, we think every day should be Roald Dahl day! 


Take a trip to the library and devour a book today!

Powers of Ten


Year 5 are working with numbers up to a million.  They have been counting forwards and backwards in powers of ten (10,100,1000,10 000, 1 000 000).  They played a game to practice what they had learnt - some children took the game home - have you played it yet?