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Creative Projects

West Park Welcomes the World Project

West Park Mum's Confidence Workshops

Click below to find out more about our Mum's Confidence Workshops.


West Park Welcomes the World

Please click below to find out more about this fantastic project.

Lost and Found.jpg

Lost and Found

Earlier this year, children in year 1 (now year 2) participated in a project about inclusion and welcomed a character who was lonely. Watch the film to see what they discovered...


West Park Welcomes The World!

To mark the 50th anniversary of West Park Primary School being located in Devon Road, pupils in Years 5 and 6 are participating in an exciting project exploring the history of the school. This is an ongoing project during the Autumn Term due to finish around Christmas with a big production to mark the celebration of 50 Years of West Park Primary School.

Interview Day.jpg

Interview Day

On Wednesday the 20th September, Year 5 skilfully interviewed a wide range of visitors, connected with the school's history in different ways: former pupils; members of staff including the former Headteacher Gerry Mills and Deputy Headteacher Sue Bagguley. This is Mike Edwards - the reason the whole project came to be. Mike was one of the first pupils at West Park School in 1967.

View photos of the visit to the City Archives here.

Year 2 Reading Project.jpg

Year 2 Reading Project

In Autumn 2016, the whole school did a reading project based on the book Flotsam by David Wiesner. Year 2 used the book for inspiration to perform an assembly enjoyed by parents and families.

Year 3 Weather Project.jpg

Year 3 Weather Project

In Summer 2017, children in Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed teaching Amy and the alien all about weather. Children used writing as well as movement and dance to show Amy all the different weather types on earth.

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