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Outdoor Learning & Visits

Educational visits are organised to support the work which children are engaged in within the classroom. Sometimes these visits take place in the environment within walking distance of the school. On admission to the school, parents are asked to complete a consent slip giving permission for their child to take part in these visits as and when they occur. Parents will be notified when these visits occur.

Visits which are planned to take place at a greater distance from the school, particularly when transport arrangements have to be made, will require parental permission which will be sought on an individual basis.

Parents are usually asked to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost of educational visits, which are always heavily subsidised by money from the school budget.

Children who are eligible for Pupil Premium may be offered some trips at a discount.

We will ensure that no pupil is debarred from any school activity solely by the inability or unwillingness of the parent to pay.

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Our Visits News

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