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Spring 1 - Science

Today the children have had a lesson all about dental hygiene. We had to read the information on the power-point and answer questions about why we brush our teeth. We found out that brushing your teeth is really important because our teeth can become rotten from the plaque and decay that forms on our teeth. So that this does not happen we need to make sure we brush our teeth twice a day morning and night, eat and drink healthily and make sure we visit the dentist every six months. We have set up an experiment in class using eggshells to show what will happen if we leave sugary sweets and drinks on our teeth. We have put the egg shells into three cups which all contain something different. The first cup contains fizzy coke, the second cup contains water only and the third contains squash with no added sugar. We have made our predictions and will be checking and observing what has happened tomorrow. The children were also very excited as they got to bring in their toothbrushes and brush their teeth in class. Check out some of our photos!


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