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English Archive


4FP Reading Workshop



A fantastic workshop with children and parents in Y4 today looking at how we teach and assess reading in Y4. All the children tried really hard and worked well with their families to practice their retrieval and inference reading skills. Thank you to all the parents who attended and took part in our cross curricular reading activity.


Poetry Competition



Key stage 2 children entered the Boomwriter poetry competition in January. The theme was 'Not All Heroes Wear Capes'.


Children competed against schools in the local area. The top 3 poems from West Park can be seen below.


Well done!


Upper Key Stage 2 Writing and SPaG Workshop



A big thank you to all the parents who joined us for our writing and SPaG workshop for children in Y5 and Y6. It was a fantastic session; the children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout and relished the opportunity to show their parents how hard they work in school to improve their writing.


Ideas for our 20 books for 2020 reading challenge



Have a look at the recommended books for your year group to help you find your next book!


20 Books for 2020 challenge


All families at West Park Primary School are being asked to support pupils in Key Stage 2 to take part in the 20 books in 2020 reading challenge. 


Read a book from home, the school library, your class library or the local library. Write the title and author on your challenge sheet.

How many new genres will you discover?

Please speak to Mrs Andrews or Mrs Pinson if you have any questions.




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