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Upper Key Stage 2 Writing and SPaG Workshop


A big thank you to all the parents who joined us for our writing and SPaG workshop for children in Y5 and Y6. It was a fantastic session; the children were enthusiastic and engaged throughout and relished the opportunity to show their parents how hard they work in school to improve their writing.

Do you need some ideas for our 20 books for 2020 reading challenge?


Have a look at the recommended books for your year group to help you find your next book!

20 Books for 2020 challenge


All families at West Park Primary School are being asked to support pupils in Key Stage 2 to take part in the 20 books in 2020 reading challenge. 


Read a book from home, the school library, your class library or the local library. Write the title and author on your challenge sheet.

How many new genres will you discover?

Please speak to Mrs Andrews or Mrs Pinson if you have any questions.



Roald Dahl Biographies


Year 4 have been working really hard researching and writing their own biographies on Roald Dahl - We are super impressed with their writing. Well done Year 4!

Have a look a their videos...

Poetry Week - Year 1


It's poetry week in year 1! We have had a message from Buzz Lightyear to say that aliens have stolen two his poems, cut them up and hidden them around the classroom. He asked for their help to find the lines of the poem, read them, and to infer which poem the line has come from. Here are pictures of the children hunting for lines from 'If I Were An Alien', and 'If I Were An Astronaut'. 

World Book Day - Year 4


Year 4 had a great day looking at poetry on world book day. We explored lots of different types of poets and practised performing some of their poems together. Then we performed poems we had learned at home. We also looked at and compared 2 poems about volcanoes and had a go at writing our own using figurative language - take a look!

Please click here to view the gallery.

Tell Me a Story


Marwa and Sveta used Adobe Spark to re-tell the story from their Guided Reading book.

Year 1 - World Book Day


Year 1 have been shining like stars today for World Book day. We enjoyed reading three different poems all about stars, and writing down ideas and phrases from the poems that we could use later during the day to write our own poems. We then read the book 'How to Catch a Star' by Oliver Jeffers, and added those ideas to our ideas sheets. After that we looked at different examples of shape poetry, and how the lines of the poem are used to form a shape. We wrote a class example and then wrote our own star shaped poems. Here are a few of our children reading their poems.

World Book Day


In Year 2, we have been learning about the poem 'What is Pink?' By Christine Rossetti

Have a listen and read some of our own poems!

A Seed Story


To celebrate World Book Day, year 3 learnt a poem called A Seed Story.  We explored the language in the poem and created our own versions of a seed story. We then spent time illustrating the poem. This learning linked to our Science topic and children were able to draw and explain the lifecycle of a plant. During the afternoon, we used our computing lesson to create the life cycle using animation. See our videos attached.

World Book Day!


Year 6 produced some AMAZING black out poems to celebrate World Book Day! They used extracts from popular books such as: 'The Hobbit', 'Wonder', 'Harry Potter' and many more.

World Book Day


Year 5 combined poetry, history and drama by reading a poem called Beowulf.  In addition to this, they made book covers based on the poem.  Take a look!

Writing and Art Work in Year 4


Have a listen to some short extracts of writing in Year 4. We used soft pastels to design a picture that could be used in the Ice Palace.

Writing Parent Workshop


Children in years 5 and 6 had the chance to work with their parents this week in our writing and SPaG workshop. It was great to see families working together and giving the children a chance to show what we do at West Park.

Writing in Year 4 - The Ice Palace


Year 4 finished their story writing this week about the Ice Palace. Take a look to see what we thought should happen between the heroic Ivan and the villainous Starjik...Well done year 4 - we are very proud of you.

Year 3/4 Writing and SPaG Workshop


A big thank you to all the parents who joined us for our writing work shop this morning. We hope you enjoyed having the opportunity to work with your child and see the kinds of activities we do in writing sessions in school. It was great to see you all working together and we really appreciate your support by attending today :)

Descriptive Writing in Year 4


This week we have been learning how to improve our setting descriptions using our new code for writing- SNT (show not tell).

Firstly, we used dance and movement to help us imagine what it would be like for Ivan from the Ice Palace to walk in the freezing cold setting of the story. 

Then we worked collaboratively to write imaginative SNT phrases from our movements to show the audience that Ivan was cold.

Finally, we worked independently to use all the ambitious words and phrases we had looked at to write a setting description from the Ice Palace.

Take a look at some of our ideas- Mrs Pinson thinks we are bbbrrrrrrr-illiant :)

Please click here to view the video.

Authors Reading Challenge


We are excited to launch our 'authors reading challenge' this week. Each year group has selected 12 books perfect for their age. Children are been encouraged to visit our school library, a local library or maybe children could receive one of the books as a birthday present. Once children have read one of the books from the list, we are encouraging children to find another book by the same author to read. There are at least 24 books to be read for each year group. We have a well stocked library in school which children can visit during lunchtimes to access these books and also Wolverhampton have a fantastic library in the town centre.  We are working hard to promote reading for pleasure in school and we ask parents to support us with this. Look in the back of your child's reading journal to find their challenge sheet.

Reading for Pleasure


Reading for pleasure means any reading that is for enjoyment. There is strong evidence linking reading and educational outcomes but the benefits of reading for pleasure go beyond this and throughout a child's life.  Like anything else, reading is a skill that becomes better with practice. Reading for pleasure is important to ensure that the practice needed to become fluent becomes part of the learners’ everyday life, and is not just seen as a classroom-based activity.

There are a range of benefits gained from reading for pleasure:

§  it increases sense of achievement, confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness

§  it widens horizons

§  you can do it anywhere

§  it develops relationships and promotes inclusion and empathy through sharing opinions and ideas

§  it prevents boredom and promotes relaxation.

You can read more about reading for pleasure here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/skillswise/tutors/using-skillswise-as-a-tutor/reading-for-pleasure 



Year 5 have just started reading Clockwork by Phillip Pullman. It's a devilishly brilliant read and we have met several interesting characters already - from a clockmaker's apprentice to a talented novelist. One character we have yet to meet is the mysterious Dr Kalmenius, however, using evidence from the text we have thought about what he is like.  Take a look at our work!

KS2 Writing Competition


A big well done to the KS2 who children entered the "Page to Stage" writing competition. The theme was "Not all heroes wear capes" and the children worked really heard to write their own exciting stories whilst helping and supporting each other throughout the process.

A special well done to Darwaz (y4) and Abdulhakeem (y6) who were selected as finalists and will have their stories published in an anthology of finalists for the competition. Well done Boys!

Take a look at the stories - we were really proud of them :)

Olateju Year 3

Adam J Year 4 

Abdullahkeem Year 6

Darwaz Year 4 

Richie Year 5

Yara Year 3 

Zaynab Year 6

Alexa Year 4

Sara Year 5

Maria Year 6

Improving Our Vocabulary in Year 4


Year 4 have been looking at word clines this week to help us with our descriptive writing. We used vocabulary for cold and organised pictures onto a visual cline to help us to understand the different levels of cold and how this will help us choose the most appropriate words for our setting descriptions. 

Retelling Lost and Found


This week in English we have been using the iPad app ThingLink to help retell the story of Lost and Found. First we put a collage of pictures together from the story and then added them into the app ThingLink. Next, in our groups, we decided which part of the story we would each retell and practised what we would say with our partners. Finally we recorded our videos and linked them to the pictures by uploading the videos onto ThingLink. 

The Light Jar


Have you read 'The Light Jar'? If not, you're missing out! Keep your eyes peeled for more awesome work inspired by children's favorite books! (Work produced by Eesha)


The author, Lisa Thompson, tweeted us back!

The Leopard


Take a peek at the lovely descriptive writing in year 6 inspired by a short story by Ruskin Bond 

Year 6 - Home Learning


How amazing is all of this home learning from year 6! Children have created reading journals based on their favourite books. How creative can you make your journal?


Rainbow reel - Blossom

Demon Dentist - Victory

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Victory

My Brother is a Super Hero - Hazyefah

The Worst Witch - Sara

Twist Cottage - Nicole

Oliver Twist - Zeeshan