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Different materials have different properties

Why did the houses of the three little pigs blow down when the wolf huffed and puffed?

Year 1 have been learning about materials so far this half term. We have identified what different materials things are made from, and then went on a materials hunt around school. We found lots of things made from metal, plastic and wood.

This week we have started to understand that different materials have different properties. We looked at the story of the three little pigs and wondered why the straw and the stick house blew down. We made the houses using straws and sticks and bricks and then tested what happened when we tried to blow them down. The straw and then stick houses blew down because they were not very strong. The straw was very bendy. We could not blow the brick house down.

We discussed that long ago houses were made from straw and sticks because they didn't have other materials to use but now we have discovered better materials to use like bricks.

Have a look at how we made our houses.


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