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Year 5 Maths workshop

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Thanks to all parents who managed to attend Y5's workshop. We talked about mastering the maths curriculum, the importance of number facts and times tables and how we can apply that knowledge to other areas of learning. 

Place value and number knowledge was a focus and all parents took home examples of Y5 work, targets and a place value grid.  

Year 1 - Measures

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​Year 1 have enjoyed a week of measures. We have measured length and height.


On Monday we compared and measured length using non-standard units, and we measured our heights to find out who was the tallest in the class. The tallest in the class is David, and the smallest is John.


On Wednesday we measured different items in the classroom using rulers, and measuring in cm. 


On Thursday we went outside and measured our jumps. We had 3 jumps each and then identified which of our jumps was the furthest distance.

Finally on Friday we went outside and completed a scavenger hunt; looking for items with specific lengths. We found things that were longer/shorter than a metre, items that were less than 5cm, items that had a length between 20cm and 25cm and many others. We had great fun!


Have a look at some of our photos from this week!

Measuring and Length Conversion

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Y4 have been practising their measuring skills today and using their maths calculation skills in a real life context. They used their division and multiplication skills to help convert mm and cm. They measured finger nails and arms lengths and converted between cm and mm by dividing and multiplying by ten.

Where is the warmest place in school today?

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In our science lesson today, Year 4 used thermometers to record the temperature in different places around school.


First we predicted where we thought it would be the warmest, and explained why. It was tricky using the thermometers because we had to be careful not to hold the wrong end or we would get a false reading.


We used our maths skills to read the scales. Were our predictions correct...?

Finding One More and One Less:

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Year 1 have had a very active maths lesson today finding one more and one less than a number, working with numbers to 100.  Working collaboratively in table groups we took it in turns to choose a number. We ran to another container of numbers and had to find the corresponding number that was either one more or one less than our original number. We came back to our groups and stuck the numbers together.

Comparing Mesues and Height

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Year 1 have had a very practical morning comparing and ordering weight. We have used lots of different objects from around the classroom and compared their weights using balancing scales. We ordered pictures of the items and stuck them into our books from lightest to heaviest. There were lots of great conversations going on around the classroom using the words 'lighter', 'lightest', 'heavier' and 'heaviest'. Tomorrow we are looking forward to weighing objects using non-standard units, and comparing weight in a different way. 

Array Investigation

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Year 1 have been working hard on multiplication this week. We have been building arrays practically to show multiplication sums. Today we investigated different numbers to see what different arrays could be made from a specific number. We showed our arrays practically and took pictures of them using seesaw, labelling our arrays to show what array we have made. We were able to make more than one array for most of our numbers. 

Fraction Work in Year 3

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Children are now looking at Fractions in their Math's lessons. 

Children have Fraction work to follow on form class work on MyMaths to do this week.

Maths Work

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We have been subtracting with length today! We linked subtraction with our English book 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Brown. Handa and Akeyo made smoothies with some fruit. They went to drink their smoothies but their straws were too long! The children helped Handa and Akeyo to get the straws to the correct length by working out the length that the straw should have been and cutting them down to size. 

Representing Numbers

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Year 1 have been working together to represent numbers in different ways using lots of different classroom resources. Have a look at our pictures to see what resources we used and how we represented different numbers. 

Multiplication and Division

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Children have enjoyed using practical apparatus to create multiplication facts using arrays.

Exploring Decimals

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Y5 played a memory matching game in maths today.  Their task was to match fractions and decimals - how did they do?  Take a look...

"It was so much fun!"

"Can we do this again?"

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