DT Long Term Planning

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Design and Technology @ Aldersley High School

Y5 visited Aldersley for an afternoon of design, making, adjusting and improving paper aeroplanes. Henry and Alexa had the best design which performed well in 3 out of 4 tests! Fantastic work!

Plus, the other half of the class mixed design and art to make a snowman decoration. Super!

Links with Aldersley High School

Year 5 have visited Aldersley High School over several weeks and taken part in food technology sessions.  They have loved every minute.

Fantastic Fruit Pots​

Great work in year 2 this morning...selecting, chopping, layering and enjoying!

Children's Work

Take a look at the fabulous design and technology work happening across key stage 1 and 2.

Fabulous Focaccia!

Today Year 5 visited Aldersley High School.  Half the class enjoyed a super painting session while the other half made focaccia.  Take a look, the results were tasty! 

Taste Test!


We have been researching ready meals in preparation to designing our own as part of a healthy balanced diet.  Today we got to taste test a range of meals - yummy! We evaluated each meal based on: appearance, aroma, texture and taste.  After the taste test we looked at the packaging and cost and made our final decisions...

The pasta at £1.89 was our favourite, followed by the noodles at £0.65 and finally the vegetable biryani at £1.99 - too spicy for some!  

Year 6 Twist Cottage Structures


How amazing are these structures created by Blossom and Eesha! This home learning was based on our class book,'Twist Cottage' by Anthony Horowitz. Fantastic work girls!

Year 3 Workshop with Warburtons


Year 3 have enjoyed becoming inventors within their DT lessons.  Children were inspired by their workshop with Warburtons and following their bread workshop. Children designed and created their own bread rolls. Take a look.

Year 5 Moon Mobiles


Have you ever wondered why the moon appears to change shape?  Year 5 have been keeping moon diaries for a month  in order to answer that question (Did you know the word month comes from the word moon?).  Next, they made moon mobiles to help them to understand the 8 phases of the moon.  There was lots to think about but they did a great job!  Well done!  

Year 1 Africa Day 28/11/18


As part of Africa Day Year 1 looked at African materials and clothing. We learnt that a lot of African materials are made by weaving fabrics and wools together. We had a go at doing our own weaving using brightly coloured card. 

Warburton's Sandwich Workshop 19/11/18


Year 3 enjoyed a visit from Warburton's last week to help us with our Design Technology topic 'Great Bread Bake Off'. Children had the opportunity to try a range of different types of bread and create their own healthy sandwich.


We also learnt about all the different jobs in the Warburton's company. Following on from our workshop, children are going to become Warburton's inventors and create their very own bread. We will be sending our designs to Warburton's inventors - will they create our designs? 

Watch Me Go! 25/09/18


Watch me go!  Year 4 built and programmed Lego robots. This robot was designed to pull a load. In the video you can see Precious and Harley's robot having a race against Zariah and Sveta's robot. Click here view the video.

Programming Robotic Lego Models 25/09/18


Russell Newman, from the Learning Technologies Team, joined us today. We have spent the day building and programming robotic Lego models. Year 4 are  fantastic collaborative workers and we were all very impressed by their resilience and problem solving throughout the day. Look out world - here comes the next generation of robotic designers!

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