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Well done Mutmainah - another successful DT project - can you guess what it is?

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Food technology @ Aldersley High School


Y5 visited Aldersley High School today and made Christmas puddings made from chocolate, rice crispies, & golden syrup! Yum yum! It's beginning to taste like Christmas!

Design and Technology @ Aldersley High School

Y5 visited Aldersley for an afternoon of design, making, adjusting and improving paper aeroplanes. Henry and Alexa had the best design which performed well in 3 out of 4 tests! Fantastic work!

Plus, the other half of the class mixed design and art to make a snowman decoration. Super!

Links with Aldersley High School

Year 5 have visited Aldersley High School over several weeks and taken part in food technology sessions.  They have loved every minute.

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