4RD Eid Cards


This term, children in 4RD made eid cards using oil pastels. They made them for either their family or friends. Children were very creative and artistic!

4RD Assembly on Guru Nanak


Last half term, children in 4RD did an assembly on Guru Nanak. They used many skills such as role play, English and Maths. Children really enjoyed practicing it and the audience were really engaged. 

Spring Term


R.E work across the years in Spring term.

Autumn Term


RE work across all years in Autumn Term.

Our RE Topics Summer Term 2019


At West Park we follow the Wolverhampton Agreed Syllabus for teaching RE. If you would like to read it in more detail, select the curriculum/subjects tab on the home page, then select RE. You will find a link to the syllabus.

Here's a look at the  fantastic learning our pupils have been doing this term.

The Invisible


Year 1 have been thinking about how just because you can't see something doesn't mean it isn't there!! What made the leaves move? What is inside the bubbles?



1AH enjoying sharing smarties with each other when they found out about Langar in Sikhism.

What's it like to be a Hindu?


In RE lessons this term, Year 3 are exploring Hinduism.

What do we celebrate and why?


Year 4 have been working hard finding out about different faith celebrations.



This term Year 6 are debating what will make Wolverhampton a more respectful community.



This term year 5 are finding out about what we can learn from religion about temptation.



This term Year 4 are finding out the things that we celebrate and why we celebrate them.



This term Year 3 are finding out about Hinduism.

Sacred Books and Special Stories


This term Year 2 are finding out about sacred books and special stories.

The 5 K's of Sikhism


Year 1 have been finding out about the 5 K's of Sikhism. They enjoyed exploring different artefacts and made a Kara.

Symbol of Sikhism


This week 1AH have been finding out about the symbol of Sikhism called the Khanda. Have you spotted one when you are out and about yet?

Key Stage 2 RE


Take a look at some of the topics Key Stage 2 have been thinking about this term. You can find out more information by clicking the link to Wolverhampton RE syllabus on this page.

Diwali Celebrations!


At West Park we celebrated Diwali. As part of the celebrations, Year 4 and Year 5 presented an engaging performance. Year 5 explained who celebrates Diwali, why Diwali is celebrated and how it is celebrated. Year 4 told the story of Ram and Sita. Thank you to everyone who made this celebration so amazing.

Remembrance Day


1AH made a poppy wreath for Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day. We talked about how Christians remember fallen soldiers in their prayers.

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