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The intent of the Art Curriculum at West Park Primary School is to inspire children’s creativity. We intend to equip children with the artistic skills needed to develop their practical, theoretical, substantive and disciplinary knowledge:

  1. Practical knowledge: hands on experience which helps develop technical proficiency in drawing, painting, printing, collage and sculpture.

  2. Theoretical and substantive knowledge: opportunities to learn about a diverse range of Artists/Designers past and present and their importance within society and different cultures.

  3. Disciplinary knowledge: considering what they learn and HOW Art is studied, discussed and judged.


We intend to enable children to explore their own ideas, thoughts and emotions and they will be encouraged to take a reflective approach reviewing what they have done and say how they would improve it. 

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Art Long Term Planning

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You can download the Long Term Planning for Art by clicking here.

Art News

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