Sport Archive

Cross Country

On Saturday 1st February, our best cross country runners competed in Wolverhampton City relays at Tettenhall College.

Quicksticks Hockey Festival

On 12th February, our school participated in the annual Quicksticks Festival. This year, we took 3 teams ( A, B and C) and each preformed admirably. The 'A' Team won all three matches with their third being a come from behind victory. Our 'B' team has seriously competition and showed incredible determination and the 'C' team showed tremendous skill and teamwork.

Visit from Renowned Hockey Coach

On 23rd January, Wolverhampton Hockey Club Coach Sue Myers visited our school to pass on her expertise to our budding hockey players. A regular visitor to our school, we are so  grateful and appreciative of Sue to take time out in order to coach our pupils

Young Leaders in Action!

Throughout Key Stage 2, our pupils have had the opportunity to lead and manage warm ups during P.E lessons. A essential element in order to get the most out of Physical Education, the children have relished the chance to display and develop their leadership skills.

Indoor Sports Hall Athletics

On Tuesday 14th January we took eighteen athletes from Year 5 and 6 to compete in the Indoor Sports Hall Athletics finals at Aldersley Stadium. The children competed in both field and track events showing excellent team spirit and determination. It was an enjoyable experience for all those involved and we came 5th overall.

Indoor Sports Hall Athletics

On Wednesday 4th December, 10 wonderful athletes from both Year 6 and Year 5 combined participated in a highly competitive athletics event hosted at Oak Meadow Primary School. Our pupils performed above and beyond expectations in 5 different activities designed to test their athletic abilities. They finished in first place, winning gold medals and have now qualified for a finals event organised for January at Aldersley Stadium. Well done to all!

11/11/19 - 15/11/19
Personal Challenge Competition

This week, Year 6 had the pleasure of being the first class this school year to take part in a Personal Challenge Competition held throughout the week at lunchtimes. Each day, they had 30 seconds to do as many bounces as they could over a hurdle to try to improve their own score. Year 6 were ultra-competitive and showed great Diligence, Discipline and Determination but also showed great sportsmanship and encouragement to each other. Everyone took part and we are so proud of the positive attitudes displayed by all