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Reading Recovery at West Park


What makes us stand out.

Reading Recovery 2020


We have had some very hard working children so far this year in Reading Recovery, who have wonderful imaginations for books and story writing. We have also been keeping track of children who have used their Reading Recovery programme as a stepping stone to become great readers and writers. These are some super footprints for our younger children to follow. 

Reading Recovery at West Park


This year has been a wonderful year for Reading Recovery at West Park. Children who completed the programme this year have all made amazing progress. We have taught nine children across the year, two continued from last year and seven who started Reading Recovery this academic year. Six of the 2018-2019 new starters were in year one, and one child in year two. All the children have made incredible progress, one in particular is half way through his Reading Recovery lessons, and has made a whole years progress with word reading in only two months! We are so excited to see their continued progression as they move into their new classes.

Our past Reading Recovery children are also doing wonderfully! The programme has made a huge impact on their reading and writing skills, and it is marvellous to watch them become confident readers and writers as they move through school.

They are all tremendously hard working and have been a pleasure to teach, we are so proud of all of you!

The Reading Recovery Read Aloud


This week the Reading Recovery children have been taking part in the Reading Recovery Read Aloud, and writing letters to their favourite superheroes. We will be sharing these on Twitter over the next few weeks but here is a sneak peek of what's to come!

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