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Reading Recovery

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Reading Recovery is a literacy intervention supporting the lowest achieving 5 and 6 year olds after their first year at school. It involves daily 30-minute intensive sessions incorporating reading and writing. The programme is different for each child, designed to meet their specific needs. Our Reading Recovery teacher is Miss Martin-Harvey.

A Reading Recovery lesson structure:

  • Reading a familiar book. We read a book that the child knows well to improve fluency and make the child feel successful.

  • Taking a Running Record. The teacher takes a Running Record on a book the child has read once. This shows the teacher all the skills the child is using and what needs to be improved.

  • Letter and word work. We use magnetic letters to strengthen children’s letter knowledge and to encourage flexibility when working with words.

  • Composing and writing. In discussion with the teacher, the child composes and writes a short story. They learn to write known words fluently and develop strategies to build unknown words.

  • Assembling the cut up story. The child will re-assemble their sentence after it is cut into words.

  • Introducing and reading new book. Together, the teacher and child will look at a new book, develop a feel for the story and discuss any tricky parts. The child then reads the book to the teacher.

Your child will bring home a familiar book every day to share with you along with their cut up sentence. Your support is very important in ensuring your child’s success in reading.

Below are some photographs of children’s writing before and after completing Reading Recovery.

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