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Year 3 Explore Cave Art

Year 3 had a very busy day exploring cave art from around the world. To begin with we looked at Cuevas de Manos in Argentina and produced our own West Park cave of hands by mixing brown paint in different ways. We also created a template of our hand and used this with soft pastels .Following this we sketched a cave animal as seen in Lascaux cave in France. We used charcoal on scrunched up paper to create texture and to develop an understanding how tricky it would be to draw on a cave wall.

In addition to this we looked at the Magura cave in Bulgaria. We practiced drawing simple cave images inside and outside then used them to make up our own stories depicting life in the stone age. We painted these using sticks that we collected and mud!

Finally we used clay to make bones and teeth for jewellery! Moulding and shaping using natural materials. Take a look at our fabulous results!



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