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Weekly Update

Week beginning 23rd November

We have looked at different ways we can make 3 and made number sentences. We used lots of different manipulative to make sure we really understand this concept.

We used pegs on a coat hanger and moved them to help us say the number sentence. We then looked at how may different ways we can give the Gingerbread Man 3 buttons. and said what we saw e.g. "Two green buttons and one yellow buttons is 3 buttons altogether"

We worked together to make bridges. Outside we thought about what would happen if we tried to walk over them - and so we had to make them even better.

We made salt dough to make out Gingerbread Men decorations. We will paint them this week.

Our cutting and concentration skills improved this week when we made our split pin Gringerbread Men.

We have some good scientists in the class. The children thought really hard about what would have happened if the Gingerbread Man got wet. Some lovely language was used.

Well done everyone you are making good progress in all areas.