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Weekly Update

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

We have had another busy week in reception doing work around our Story "The Little Red Hen"

The animals on the farm did not help the Little Red Hen do the jobs on the farm, so we talked about being kind and also what is not kind. We worked with our friends to sort out the pictures and say if the children were being kind or not kind. We must always remember to choose kind.

We found some grains of wheat like The Little Red Hen and used a magnifying glass to look at them closely. We found out that inside the grain there is flour.

We explored the flour that came from the grains of wheat and wrote our names in it.

The Little Red Hen made some bread. So did we. We couldn't just put the flour in the oven as it would get too hot and burn. We had to make a dough first. To do this we added water and mixed it together with the flour. It was sticky, so we had to put it in the oven to cook. ( PLEASE NOTE WE DID NOT EAT THIS)

Helicopter Stories proved children to be very good at using their imagination again when acting out this weeks story.

The class listened and responded to instructions very well during our PE session this week- this meant we could get the apparatus out to explore. We have some very good climbers.

The children asked some lovely questions, that they thought of for their homework, to ask their friends. Well done everyone.

Looking forward to The Gingerbread Man this week.