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Stone Age Day

Year 3 have had an amazing day with Adam for a Stone Age Workshop. First of all we learnt about evolution and of the other species similar to man. Then we went into the hall and we learnt how to hunt a woolly mammoth. We learnt that we needed a lot of the tribe to hunt with as a mammoth is so large. We explored different strategies and techniques to try and catch the mammoth, until finally, success! After that, we examined different replica stone age artefacts before creating our own stone age tools and stone age art using slate and charcoal and chalk. During the afternoon we became archers like the stone age people, however we used modern day equipment as it was safer than stone age bows and arrows. We had a great time trying to shoot the woolly rhino and wholly mammoth. Finally, we tried (and failed) to solve the murder mystery of Ozti the Ice man, who was found in the Alps. Archaeologists have still not figured out exactly what killed him. We have plenty of theories - maybe we can help the archaeologists! Have a look at the photos from our fantastic day!

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