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Nursery STEAM Day

Ahoy me hearties! It's been a busy pirate week at Nursery this week. We started with our STEAM day. The children found pants all over the classroom! Once we'd worked out they weren't Miss Kick's, we quickly realised that they must belong to the Pants Pirates! And sure enough a letter appeared asking for our help. The Pants Pirates had found the golden underpants but when they'd gone back over the island they saw that Long John Bridge had fallen down. So we designed a new one to help them.

We had so much fun that we decided to continue with the STEAM challenges all week, and soon found those Pants Pirates needed lots of help. Their boat had sunk, so we did an floating and sinking investigation to find out what we could build a new one out of. Then we had a go at making our own ships and racing them across the water.

I wonder what those pesky pirates will have in store next week?