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Nursery in Space - Gravity Investigations


Roz the Lollipop Lady


We have had a special visitor this week. Roz the Lollipop Lady has taught us about road safety and how to cross the road safely.

Ask your child to teach you the song. 

Stop,look listen before you cross the street,

Stop,look listen before you cross the street.

Use you eyes and your ears before you use your feet,

Stop,look listen before you cross the street

Pumpkin Faces


This week we are exploring Pumpkins.


We will make pumpkin faces. Look at these pumpkin faces 

How do you feel ? 


happy     sad       tired        excited   worried  

Autumn Walking


Nursery and reception  have had a lovely time on our Autumn Walk this morning. 

What a Super Week


Super week finding peas in the Jelly, making Superhero masks, printing with vegetables and finding 4 green peas with our Super power -  looking.



This week we are reading Supertato 


Please make sure you help your child with their homework as we are looking at different food.



Funny Bones


Next week we are reading  the story Funny Bones. 

What do you at night time ?

(image taken from Google)

Welcome Everyone


The week ahead we are learning our listening rules. Help us to help your child to be better listeners. 

Please click here to learn about our listening rules.

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