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French Afternoon

Reception and year 1 had a lovely french afternoon. We danced, made Eiffel Towers, rode our bikes in our own 'Tour de France' and tasted French food.

Tres bon!  

Mardi le deux juillet

Year 2FP; Year 2PJ and Year 4 RP had a fantastic French afternoon. We danced our socks off. Bon Effort!

Mercredi le sept juillet

French morning in Y5 and Y6 has been magnifique! Dance, quizzes and games!  Check out our attempt at escargot - a French version of hopscotch!

Mercredi le dix-neuf juin

West Park - C'est fantastique!

Take a look at all of the amazing French Years 3 - 6 have been doing. We have some future linguists in the making. 

Bon travail toute le monde!  Vous avez fait des progrès!

Mardi le vingt-et-un mai

Quelle heure est-il?

Year 4 are fantastique at writing longer sentences to describe time. Bon Travail Year 4!


KS2 Work

Look at what we have been learning  in Key Stage 2 this term.

C'est fantastique!

Bravo! Bon travail!


Poisson D'Avril

Did you know in France, on April Fools Day, children stick paper fish on peoples backs for a joke!  We made our own fish and even managed to play a joke on Mrs Ratcliffe!



Les Animeaux

Year 4 have been writing longer sentences in French, to describe where animals live. We have also assessed our learning using RAG rating.

Bon Travail. Ils ont fait des progrès.


In French, Year 4 are learning how to describe animals using colour adjectives. It's not as easy as you think. Bravo Year 4. C'est super!



Les Vêtements

In Year 6 our French topic is Les vêtements. We are learning to write sentences using the verb porter (to wear) and to use colour adjectives to describe nouns. It’s quite tricky – ask Year 6…


French Topics - 16th January 2019

In French, Year 4 are learning the names of colours . C'est fantastique!


French Topics - 16th October 2018

We learn French in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. These are the topics we are currently investigating. Bon effort tout le monde!