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History Archive

The children at West Park have been very busy with their learning during the Autumn term. Here's a snapshot of our History work: 

History News
Moon Landing.PNG

The Moon Landing



Year 1 have continued their History work of the Moon Landing and linked it with their computing project 'Digital Broadcaster'.


We have selected images from the moon landing, put them into the correct order to show a timeline of events before and during the moon landing. The children worked in pairs to narrate their pictures, sharing what happened when the Eagle landed on the moon. 


If you were offered a golden ticket that could take you into space, would you take it?



Year 1 have been thinking about that today. Initially all of the children leapt at the chance to go into space, but then we started to talk together about the pros and cons about going into space and what it means for us. We brainstormed our ideas as table groups and then shared back our ideas as a class. 

We then decided whether we wanted a ticket or not. Some of us had not decided so we created a conscience alley for those children to walk through so they could hear arguments for and against going into space. There were lots of interesting ideas shared by all members of the class today! 


The Eagle Has Landed



Year 1 have been learning all about Space and the Moon Landing. 

"Neil Armstrong stood at the base of one of Eagle’s legs. He took a step, his right boot disturbing the Moon dust.  At last he spoke: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!”"

"Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin gathered moon rocks and moon dust."

"Neil Armstrong set the American flag down on the moon."

"All too soon it was time to return to the Eagle. Armstrong and Aldrin climbed back up the ladder and needed a little rest before take-off."


We have created freeze frames to show some of the events that happened when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. Can you match the events to our freeze frames?


Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum



Year 5 were lucky enough to visit Birmingham Art Gallery and Museum and see the Staffordshire Hoard - valued over 3.3. million pounds! They were impressed!  They then had the chance to learn more about Anglo-Saxton life.  A brilliant day was had by all!


Year 6 - Ancient Greek Style Pottery!


All families at West Park Primary School are being asked to support pupils in Key Stage 2 to take part in the 20 books in 2020 reading challenge. 


Read a book from home, the school library, your class library or the local library. Write the title and author on your challenge sheet.

How many new genres will you discover?

Please speak to Mrs Andrews or Mrs Pinson if you have any questions.


Roman Day



We had a fantastic day when two experts on the Romans came to visit us and teach us a huge amount of information about the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain. We learned about every day life in Roman Britain including exploring some Roman artefacts; the Roman army and legionnaires and we even learned some Latin words! Our half-term homework is to research the Roman army to write a report when we come back to school. Hopefully this day will have really helped you!


Year 3 Visit to Birmingham Museum



Year 3 enjoyed a day in Birmingham Museum learning all about Ancient Egypt. The children took part in a fantastic workshop learning all about mummification. This will support children in their writing as they will be writing instructions for the mummification process and creating non fiction reports all about  Ancient Egypt. Take a look at some of our fantastic pictures from our day.

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