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The Moon Landing

Year 1 have continued their History work of the Moon Landing and linked it with their computing project 'Digital Broadcaster'.


We have selected images from the moon landing, put them into the correct order to show a timeline of events before and during the moon landing. The children worked in pairs to narrate their pictures, sharing what happened when the Eagle landed on the moon. 

Click here to view the videos.


Book Creator

Year 5 have finally finished their amazing science ebooks using the Book Creator App. Take a look at some of the work they produced - they were able to add pictures, photographs, videos and sound clips to show their understanding of solids, liquids and gases. 

Tell Me a Story


Marwa and Sveta used Adobe Spark to re-tell the story from their Guided Reading book.

A Seed Story


To celebrate World Book Day, year 3 learnt a poem called A Seed Story.  We explored the language in the poem and created our own versions of a seed story. We then spent time illustrating the poem. This learning linked to our Science topic and children were able to draw and explain the lifecycle of a plant. During the afternoon, we used our computing lesson to create the life cycle using animation. Please click here to watch our videos.

Final Designs


We have completed the final designs of our gingerbread houses. Children have worked for six weeks to practice, plan, create and edit their gingerbread houses in pairs using Sketch Up. This gingerbread house was designed and created by Dinisha and Levi in 3SA. Please join us for our class assembly after half term to see more of our fantastic designs linked to our Hansel and Gretel topic.

Safer Internet Day

We talked about the importance of consent online and what it means. We made posters to help  to make the internet a safer place for ourselves.

Together for a Better Internet

In Year 5 we learnt about online permission and consent. We also learnt about dealing with tricky situations involving friends - how do you say no without falling out? We took part in quizzes, solved dilemmas and discussed our learning with each other. 

Highlights of English in the Autumn term in Year 4


As well as writing our report on lions, Year 4 also used their computing and performance skills to present their information in the style of a nature documentary. Well done Year 4 - David Attenborough would be impressed! :)  Keep an eye on the class page as more videos are uploaded.

Year 6 - Learning Journal Work

How incredible is this! Eesha made a VR (virtual reality) headset for her reading journal this week. Based on the book 'Trayaurus and the Enchanted Crystal' by YouTuber DanTDM.

Online Safety - Year 1

Year 1 have been using the story of Smartie the penguin to help us to keep safe online. In the story Smartie gets a new tablet for his birthday! He enjoys using it but then things start popping up on the screen, his brother uses a site that Smartie shouldn't be on, and some of his friends are unkind to him online. We talked about what Smartie should do in each scenario and agreed that the best thing to do is to tell a trusted adult. We used the chant "Before you tap and click, you need to stop and think, and tell someone" to help us to remember what to do if something happens to us online. We then spoke about who we would talk to if something happened to us online and drew posters of our trusted adults with the chant above.

Minecraft in Year 3

Children in year 3, have created their own gingerbread houses using Minecraft Education linking to our class text Hansel and Gretel. Children really impressed staff with their computing skills. This week, we have enjoyed writing adverts to try and sell our Minecraft houses.

Year 4 - Digestive System


In Science we have been investigating how our digestive system works. We used the Stopmotion App on the iPad to create a video demonstrating what we have learned. We watched each others videos and talked about how we could improve our video making next time we use the app. Well done everyone.


Children in 3SA enjoyed their computing lesson today. The children used 3D design software to create their own swimming pools. #computerdesignersofthefuture


Y5 are using espresso to code. They have really enjoyed creating their own games and are super quick programmers!

Year 2 Digital Music

In Year 2 we have been creating and exploring digital music.

Listen to some of our funky tunes!

Jayden S & Jayden A -
00:00 / 00:00
Caprice & Yifan -
00:00 / 00:00

Year 1 - Digital Artist


Miss Kimble came into school to do some work with us. She brought ipads with her and showed us how we can be digital artists using different apps on the ipad.


Firstly we used a quiver mask app. We coloured in different shape masks in bright colours, then used the app to capture them. We rotated the screen around and were able to put the masks on our faces. We loved this app! 10/10!!!!


Then we created our own shape portraits using different coloured pieces of paper. We took pictures of them and learnt how to edit our photos.


Finally we used an app called Kii to create our own faces and portraits. Some of us made ourselves and some of us created our own new characters. We could choose different hair styles, eye colours, noses, facial hair and lots of other things. It was great fun! 10/10!!


Year 1 - Do you know why the Monkey took the banana from Handa's basket?


We have been using the book 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Brown. In the story, Handa packs seven delicious fruits into her basket for her friend, Akeyo, but as she walks down the path, different animals steal the fruits from her basket.


We have been thinking of different questions that we could ask the animals. We then thought about what the answers to those questions might be, including the answer to 'why did the monkey take the soft yellow banana?'. We recorded our answers pretending to be the monkey on the ipads using the app chatter pix.


Have a listen to our answers using our QR codes.  Why do you think the monkey took the banana?


Year 5 - Coding


Year 5 used espresso to code. They learnt that an algorithm is a set of step by step instructions which is used not just in computing but in everyday life!


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