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Awesome Artwork by Bianca (Y5)


Awesome Artwork by Bianca (Y5)


West Park Art Gallery



Welcome to the West Park Art Gallery. Each month teachers will be selecting an artist of the month whose artwork will appear in the gallery. It could be you!'


Year 2: Mehndi patterns



As part of RE and Eid celebrations, the children looked at a variety of Mehndi patterns and designed their own creative patterns. They had a fantastic time!

Year 5: Still Life



Year 5 children practiced sketching and shading to create vibrant fruit bowls.


Year 2: Castle and Sun



The children were inspired by Paul Klee’s Castle and Sun to create their own working using 2D shapes and oil pastels.

Year 6: Cityscapes



Year 6 children produced some excellent perspective art inspired by the artist L.S. Lowry.

Year 4: African Animal Sketching



Children in 4FP did some fantastic drawings using soft pastels and pencil.

Year 3: Egyptian Art Autumn Term



The children created some great Tutankhamun paintings and Egyptian collages.

Year 2: Natural Art Autumn Term



This term Year 2 were inspired by the artist Andy Goldsworthy, who creates art using natural materials. Firstly, the children carried out observational drawings of leaves, looking closely at the shape and tone. They then collected natural materials from around the school and created some wonderful land art sculptures. Working in groups they designed and created large sculptures in the creative play area, followed by reflecting on their work. They really enjoyed this topic!